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Pueraria Mirifica Capsules

Pueraria mirifica (also known as Kwao Krua or Butea Superba) is a plant found in Thailand and Myanmar. According to Dr. Garry Gordon MD, who has been to Thailand for on-the-ground research, the region where this plant is grown is remarkable for its low rate of breast cancer and impressive longevity. He says Pueraria mirifica is 3000 times stronger than Genistein and “Makes Black Cohosh and Red Clover look like placebos.” Mirifica means “miracle” and it seems as if we have a miracle herb on our hands.

The plant tuber contains phytoestrogens such as miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol, which are found only in Peuraria mirifica. They are much stronger than soy or red clover isoflavones, and are under investigation for possible use in hormone replacement therapy. The pharmaceutically used variety is White Kwao Krua; the other ones are Black and Red Kwao Krua.

It works really well for PMT and estrogen dominance, even where progesterone and lesser herbals, such as Black Cohosh, have failed.

Rejuvenates the body and energizes, Anti-menopausal syndrome, Firms breasts, Relieves menopausal disorder, Makes the skin beautifully young, Possesses anti-aging properties. Stimulates blood circulation, Boosts memory, Increases appetite, Improves complexion, Reduces wrinkles and freckles. Alleviates cataract problems, Nourishes skin condition, especially around the breasts. Combats premature graying of hair, helps hair regrowth, strengthening and darkening existing hair. Increases general bodily energy and vigor.

Surprisingly, all this is borne out by science. Tests carried out by Thailand's Chulalongkorn University found Pueraria mirifica therapy was able to enhance breast size by up to 80%. Further tests carried out in England found that the plant had a beneficial effect on the skin, and hair, as well as the breasts.

This blessed little herb is truly a gift to women tormented by their hormones (the majority). We may speculate that it acts at the estrogen receptor sites and has its special effect via that route, so displacing real estrogen, which is thus rendered more or less harmless.

It actually works as well as the drug Tamoxophen to reduce risk of breast cancer cells proliferating. This herb should be in the diet of every woman from adolescence on so that we can reduce breast cancer rates down to what is proven to be the lowest in the world (Northern Thailand).

Qty: 60 capsules

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